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—— 访液化空气(中国)投资有限公司煤气化副总裁骏马.伯乐

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  Therapid economic growth in China has brought great opportunities for the development of gas industry, in particular the trend of non-core gas production outsourced to the professional gas companies by enterprises in China. Therefore, Air Liquide Group deployed a huge investment plan in China to meet the increasing demand of Energy, Environment, Hi-Tech, Medical and Health Care industries.



  Recently,the Vice President of Gasification of Air Liquide China (Holding) Co., Ltd., Mr. Jean-Marc BELOT said in an interview with Chenhr.com:

  The business of Air Liquide has covered the important coastal industrial areas in China, and continues to expand to the South, the West and the Central regions. With full support of its professional teams, Air Liquide devotes to providing customers innovated technologies, reliable services and total solutions with high added value, as well as performing the corporate social responsibility.


  Q1, Air Liquide has invested a new Gasification project in Fuzhou, can you give us a brief introduction about the project? 


  A:The contract with Fujian ShenYuan New Materials Co., Ltd (Fujian Shenyuan) was signed on May 19, 2013, to be operational in 2017. Under the terms of the contract, Air Liquide will invest in an industrial gases complex of eight units, including an Air Separation Unit of 2,000 tones of oxygen per day, a Gasification unit, a Purification unit of synthesis gas (RectisolTM) and an ammonia plant to supply hydrogen, nitrogen and ammonia. Six plants out of the eight of the complex are based on Air liquide’s proprietary world-leading technologies, with the gasification technology from China and the ammonia technology from Switzerland.


  Q2, Can you tell us that why this Gasification project has become a major concerned project inside Air Liquide Group?


  A:Over the last 20 years Air Liquide has developed internationally a solid syngas business. Coal represents 75 % of the total fossil fuels consumed in China and to supply Syngas to our chemical customers; Coal Gasification becomes a natural extension to our traditional Natural Gas to Syngas business 


  Q3, The recruitment of Air Liquide Fuzhou started, what are the main concerns of Air Liquide on talent selection?


  A:We have signed a long term contract (15 years) with Fujian ShenYuan and we are looking at talents with long term view to establish in Fuzhou. Air Liquide having today more than 85 plants in China, we believe we can offer good opportunities for people mobile geographically and willing to develop. We have today Chinese pursuing international career starting from Plant Operations. 


  Q4, Fuzhou project is currently still in the stage of construction, what kind of arrangement will company do for the new employees? 


  A:To our employees we provide salary and we will work with local government to develop infrastructure to welcome investors in Lianjiang Kemen Industry Park such as transportation, favorable policies for our employees to invest in houses; new hospitals and schools to cope with the environment evolution. Nevertheless we will provide transportation in the development period and more if necessary, and our Human Resources are ready to discuss with you of personal concerns on a case by case basis.


  Q5, what is the company’s uniqueness in the training and development of employees?


  A:Air Liquide has a solid Construction and Operations experience in China based on a self developed Industrial Management system. Associated with the skills of the individuals it is our duty and commitment to train and develop our people through structured training and on the job training.


  Q6, As a senior employee who has been working in Air Liquide for over 30 years, what’s your suggestions for those who wants to join and to have continuous development in Air Liquide?




  A: Air Liquide is a humble company always willing to listen and learn;

  Air Liquide can detect hidden talents and explore your full potential;

  The group encourages you to innovate and supports when difficulties arise.

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